Conditions of Booking

Definitions: In these booking conditions the term “the Company” and “MHL” mean MATTHEWS HOLIDAYS LTD. and the term “client” means the party leader or any party member named on the MHL confirmation. The contract shall be made between MATTHEWS HOLIDAYS LTD, Co Reg No: 2050214, whose registered office is Ye Olde Shoppe, Ockham Road South, East Horsley, Surrey, and the party leader first named on the MHL confirmation and is subject to English law. 1. A deposit of £99 is required at the time of booking the ferry. Payment of the final balance is due ten weeks prior to departure. In the event of non-payment of the balance due by the prescribed date, we reserve the right, after due notice, to cancel the ferry booking. In those circumstances the deposit will be forfeited. For bookings made within ten weeks of departure, full payment is due. 2. Amendments to Bookings. If you wish to make an alteration to your ferry booking after confirmation has been issued we will do our utmost to satisfy your requirements. However, your request for the change must be in writing (email) and must be accompanied by an administration fee of £15, or in the case of an alteration after your tickets have been issued, £25. If the amendment moves the ferry cost in to a higher tariff (i.e. midweek to weekend) that normal differential in fare will apply. 3. Brittany Ferries are unable to transport anyone who is 32 weeks (28 weeks for the High Speed Service) or more pregnant at the time of travel or those with pregnancy complications. P&O Ferries are unable to transport anyone who is 28 weeks on their longer sea crossings unless they have a medical certificate to cover outward and return crossings – and not at all at 34 weeks pregnant. On their Short Sea and Irish Sea routes a medical certificate will be required for women who are more than 38 weeks pregnant. The medical certificate is required to confirm fitness to travel. A maternity certificate will not be accepted in its stead. In special circumstances the Carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage or request a medical certificate at any stage of pregnancy 4. The contract is between the carrier (cross Channel/Sea transport provider), and the lead passenger named on the document, and all persons travelling with that passenger on the same document. Matthews Holidays acts as Agent. 5. Cancellation by Client: Cancellation can only be accepted in writing from the party leader, which should be sent by email and will be acknowledged by return. In the event of cancellation by the client, the deposit shall be forfeited and MHL shall be entitled to levy cancellation charges according to the following scale. This scale is based on the number of days before departure:

More than 10 weeks ......................................... Deposit forfeit
57-70 days ....................................................... 40% full costs
29-56 days ...................................................... 50% full costs
22-28 days ...................................................... 70% full costs
15-21 days ...................................................... 90% full costs
Up to 14 days ................................................ 100% full costs

Please refer to your Personal Holiday Insurance Policy and the circumstances under which the cancellation charges may be reclaimed under the terms of that insurance (less any applicable excess). 6. Force Majeure is defined as circumstances which prevent the performance of the contract which are totally outside our control, and include but are not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, industrial action or dispute, technical problems to transport, port closure, congestion at a port or airport, epidemic or disease. 7. Alteration. Should an alteration to a time of a ferry sailing be necessary, we will inform you as soon as possible. Should a major alteration become necessary, for reasons other than Force Majeure we will advise you of the proposed change and ask you to decide between three courses of action: A. Accepting the change. B. Transferring to an alternativecrossing to France that we are able to offer. C. Cancelling your crossing to France, with a full refund of all monies paid to us for the ferry crossing. 8. Insurance. It is a condition of acceptance of a booking that acceptable cancellation, medical, legal expenses and third party risks insurance is effected immediately. Please supply Insurers name, policy number, and 24hr medical emergency number. 9. Responsibility. The Company accepts complete responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of its employees. MHL acts as your appointed Agent in booking your ferry crossings or other requested services. Once we have confirmed your ferry to you in writing, we then act as agent for the ferry company (or other service provider). Your contract for the provision of transport by sea, rail or air is with the transport operator, and is subject to the provisions of the relevant international conventions and to the published conditions of carriage of the operator of the scheduled service you have chosen. For copies, please request from our office or service supplier. 10. Excursions. Excursions or other tours that you may choose to book or pay for whilst you are on holiday are not part of any arrangements provided by us. 11. Late Arrivals. Under no circumstances can MHL be held in any way responsible for personal expenses incurred as a result of arrivals after the time shown in your holiday itinerary. 12. Delayed Departure. MHL do not accept liability for extra hotel or subsistence expenses which may be incurred as a result of the delay or suspension of scheduled transport services. 13. The descriptions on this website have been made in good faith and were correct at the time of publication. 14. The carriers concerned assume no responsibility for the contents of our website. 15. All bookings made via links to campsites, hotels, etc on Matthews Holidays website are made direct with our partners, in this case the campsite owners, hotel operators, etc. Your booking contract is with them, not Matthews Holidays and all payments for campsite or hotel reservations are made by you direct to your chosen campsite or hotel. The purpose of these links is to provide you with a means of accessing a wide selection of campsites and hotels. Such campsite or hotel arrangements/payments which are made direct with the supplier are not protected by Matthews Holidays ABTA Bond.