Guest writers: Surfing

Surfs Up at Lacanau by James Hodson
Let’s face it driving through France for 8 hours can be pretty exhausting, but as soon as you see those pine trees, smell the sea air and hear the surf on the shore you know the drive was worth it!
Having made the trip to France on many an occasion in pursuit of the perfect wave – 6 foot glassy and offshore! I have to concede that its worth it every time – I find the best time to travel is end May / beginning of June, or early September this way you tend to get swell and sunshine, enough to keep the rest of the family happy in any case!  The beaches are usually deserted mid week and with only a few locals in the surf, whereas in August it can be heaving.
It’s great to look back on those family photos when the kids were toddlers building sandcastles on the beach and playing in the lagoons, right the way through to last years when the photos are of me with my two teenagers running up the beach with their own boards!  I know I’m getting old when I tell them I’ve been going to the South West coast of France for 25 years in search of great waves! 
Lacanau is a great spot for family holidays as there are enough restaurants for eating out when you fancy a change from the barbeque and when the girls want a mooch around the town there are enough Bikini shops to last a lifetime - but for me, with a great expanse of sand and surf who wants shops?  France every time!