Camping in France

Camping in France can be one of the most relaxing family holidays for parents and children. French campsites have great facilities, wonderful swimming pools with waterslides and many have themed waterparks. For the French camping is designed to be a way of relaxing - get up when you want to, have meals when it suits the family and most importantly to spend as much time outside as possible. In France camping is one of the most popular ways of taking a holiday.

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Most of our campsites in Brittany are within a short walk of a beach. Visit the Brittany coastline for its magnificent scenery, sheltered sandy coves and bays and rockpools for the children to explore at low tide. Our campsites in the Vendee are all within a short walk of the sea, and the Vendee is famed for its wide sweeping sandy beaches.

Self catering in France is a great opportunity to visit the local markets and buy fresh vegetables, fruit, cheeses and fish. What better way to end the day than sitting outside having a BBQ, the catch of the day gently grilling while you have a glass of wine. If you dont want to cook, then buy a take-away from the campsite cooked meals service, or just buy a plate of frites (chips) to go with a salad.

Many of our clients have been camping in France since they first went to France camping with their parents, and are now returning with their own children. We even have a growing number of clients who are bring their grandchildren camping in France and are visiting once again, the campsite that they visited many years previously.

Our Mobile Homes in France are on some of the best campsites on the western coast of France and are great value for money.

France for First Timers.
So many people phone us and just don’t know where to begin or what to ask for first.  We think a little help in prioritising the important elements that will launch your search for that perfect holiday.

Dates: Most people know the window that they have available. School holiday dates and annual leave (work) dates will usually the main dates that will define those parameters.  The price of a midweek ferry will usually cost less, but that is of no use if your work holiday dates must run from Saturday to Saturday. So the first thing to tell us is the date of the first night that you want to arrive at your holiday destination.

Duration: How many nights do you want to stay in France? We specialise in mobile home holidays in France, and during the main school holiday period we have a minimum of 7 nights and this applies to most types of holiday self catering accommodation in France. You can then add on additional nights, so if your ideal time is 10 nights, then that is important information.

Destination: Many of the popular holiday resorts are to be found on the South Western coast of France in Brittany, The Vendee, Charente and Aquitaine. So decide whether you want to stay as close as possible to the ferry port you arrived at or whether you want to drive further and explore the areas further south. Every one has their preference, but when you phone to book your holiday we need to know what your plans are. Remember too, that what you might consider to be a short journey could be a journey too long to contemplate for some-one else. So let us know the region you want to visit or even better the French campsite that you have picked out as being ideal for your family.

Your Family: We need to know how many adults will be going on holiday and the ages of any children under 18 years (some operators will have a different definition of the age of a child – but here at Matthews Holidays they are under 18 years). You will be asked for the first names of every one and the dates of birth of children.

Your Car: Have to hand the make, model and registration number of the car you will be driving to France. We will have the height and length of most makes and models of cars, but if your car is going to be over 1.82m in height or more than 5m in length, then we need to know. Vehicles must be booked into the correct area of the ship or on Eurotunnel if travelling that way.

What to Take with You? If you go on a mobile home holiday in France, every one is dressed for a relaxing holiday so shorts, tops, jeans, swimwear plus a warm jumper or fleece for the evenings. Most people take a smarter top and slacks for going to a restaurant.

Passports: These are necessary to enter France and for your return to the UK. Make sure at least three months in advance that every one in your party has a valid passport . Anyone who is not travelling on a British Passport may require a visa, and it is that persons responsibility to check with the French Embassy what is required.

Mobile Phones Abroad: You may have read in the press that roaming charges for using a UK mobile phone within Europe have been abolished, and that as from 16 June 2017 you will be able to use your UK registered mobile phone during your holiday in Europe without incurring roaming charges.
That is correct, and is good news for all of us.  When using the short sea crossing via Dover, your phone will operate seamlessly via the nearest land masts in either the UK or France as your crossing proceeds.
If you travel on the longer Brittany Ferries routes, the ship is too far from land during the middle of the crossing to use the terrestrial telephone networks on either side of the Channel, and Brittany Ferries provide on-board facilities for passengers to still use their mobile phones on board.  However, at those times during the voyage when the ship is out of range of terrestrial phone networks, the transmission of customer telephone calls passes via the ship’s satellite link and those calls will incur a Maritime Roaming Charge and a Data Usage Charge which are both higher than the charges made by normal terrestrial networks, either in the UK or France.
You will only incur the higher roaming charges if you use your phone whilst the ship is out of range of normal terrestrial telephone signals, and the charges will appear on your phone bill as a payment to Brittany Ferries.

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